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  • The best hair extensions for thin hair

    I get a lot of calls from new clients looking for safe hair extensions for thin hair. There are lots of hair extension options available these days, but some are much better for thin or thinning hair than others.

    For instance, if you have thin weak and fragile hair, the last thing you want to do to it is put tight braids in it and anchor heavy extensions on top of those braids. The weight and tension will be too much and cause the hair to become thinner. So, the sew in with braids is not a good option for you.

    Think fusion or micro links is a good option? Maybe better depending on how thin or weak your hair is, but in order for fusion or micro link extensions to be applied safely where they won’t cause damage to your hair, the hair you use to attach each bind must be equal to the amount of hair in each bond. This way, there is a balance, and the weight of the extensions won’t cause your own hair to snap off. If the amount of your hair is thinner that the hair you attach to it, it will not be strong enough to hold on to the extensions. This will cause breakage. You don’t want that…do you?

    Clip in or clip on hair extensions go in and out of popularity. They can be found in most of your local beauty retailers. However, most of the women I speak to who have tried them…hate them. The don’t feel comfortable. They don’t feel secure. I mean, who wants to walk around all day afraid their extensions are going to fall out? You?…me either. Not only that, They are usually so bulky that you can see them right through thin hair. So, it’s safe to say clip ins aren’t the best option either.

    You may be thinking by now that there is no hope! Well, that’s not true. There are some options that may be perfect for you. I will start with one of my personal faves…seamless. Some call them tape ins. Either way, they are a very good option for those who have thin hair. The are light weight. So, they do not put lots of tension and stress on the hair from the weight pulling. They are also paper thin. So, they aren’t bulky. This makes it a good option for thin hair. They aren’t as noticeable as some of the other options.

    However, if you hair is really thin in the top, you may need a closure unit to add the volume to need in the crown area to balance out the volume of your new found hair volume. These units are a great addition to many types of extensions for anyone who has very thin hair up there. The hair is attached to a very fine and thin piece of lace that gives you the appearance of the hair growing straight from the scalp. These units can be attached using adhesive, clips, beads, and the can also be sewn down too. I use the current condition of each client’s hair to determine which option is best.

    I have one more. A full cranial unit. They are also referred to as full lace units…or wigs. Before you panic and freak out, these are not you typical “wigs”. Much like the closure units, the hair is attached to a very fine piece of lace. Again, making it look like the hair is growing right from your own scalp. The beautiful thing about these units is that they give you the same consistent volume all over your entire head. So, you get a full head of long volumous hair. These units can be worn on a daily basis, or they can be installed in a way that allows you to wear them for a month at a time. At the month’s end, you simple remove, cleanse and reinstall your unit.

    I hope this was not information overload. I’m just here to help. If you have anymore questions. Feel free to give me a call or text to set up a consultation. (501)420-HAIR. I am located in the River Market District of Little Rock as well as the Dallas area for your hair extension needs.